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List of Highly Anonymous Proxy IPs
IP: Port Level City Country Org./ISP Tested downArrow Latency, Inc. 04:59:590.082693696 AntonioUnited StatesRackspace Hosting 04:57:590.080891822 AltoUnited StatesHewlett-Packard Company 04:55:590.081721170éalCanadaCGI Inc 04:51:590.061725734, Inc. 04:47:590.023882857, Inc. 04:45:590.090716799 StatesBuckeye Cablevision, Inc. 04:42:000.071709869 Communications Inc. 04:38:060.041859414 DameUnited StatesUniversity of Notre Dame 04:34:120.077878684 Solutions, Inc. 04:32:110.072877348 Nacional de Telecomunicaciones 04:30:432.742000103, Republic ofKorea Telecom 00:30:480.036956385 Airtel Ltd. 13:15:541.718025219, Republic ofC&M Communication Co.,Ltd. 13:15:400.779146485 Corp 13:15:327.586955651 GmbH Norderstedt 21:36:023.407000064

This page is updated every 24 hours, 7 days a week. However, we update the main index page every 2 minutes! The index page contains a variety of proxies, including Ultra-Anonymous, High-Anonymous, Medium and Low (Anonymous and Transparent), proxy IP addresses.

Using anonymous proxy IP addresses to mask your Internet usage protects you from constant monitoring by a large number of corporations and governments from around the world that may not have your best interests in mind. We are constantly having to assure members of the community that not only are you not breaking any laws, but it is in your best interests to mask your Internet usage to protect yourself.

Testing your proxy configuration

Once you have added the new proxy IP and port to your configuration you should always visit our test page to see how well the proxy server you have chosen masks your IP address. If it passes all 12 tests it is beyond this server's capability to detect your real IP address.

In some cases though the proxy might be on a blacklist and may not work on the site you want to visit (including this site).

Because of a great deal of abuse from some people, as well as some organisations, we have been forced to use software that checks incoming IPs to see if they are blacklisted for spam, or abusing other sites, and bar any IP when we get a positive hit. Even though that IP may be listed on this site it will still generate a 403 Forbidden error if you attempt to access any page on this site using a blacklisted IP.

We are working on a way to check each IP in our database and possibly stop listing any blacklisted IP, but right now we can't use the blacklist database for Ultraproxies data because we are only permitted testing of incoming IPs. However, in the mean time, we are considering adding a link to one of the fields so our users can just click on an IP and find out if it is blacklisted before actually trying to use it.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear from you. Just click here or e-mail us directly at